Yes, you heard it right, Now Your WD670 Locked to Reliance can be unlocked with software developed by our team.

You need to contact WhatsApp no +917011467741 or Mob:9979079699. You need to pay Before Rs.3000/- Now 300/- via Paytm no 9979079699.

After, the payment we will provide you with the software link.

You need to Press only two buttons and run the software, and your device will be unlocked permanently.

How to unlock ZTE WD670 locked to Reliance with software?

  1. You need to have Windows 7 32 bit PC to unlock this device.
  2. Download the software provided by us.
  3. UnZip it and enter the password provided by us.
  4. Now, Enter SIM card other than Reliance into your device and “Press” “Power”+”WPS” together for 10-15 seconds till it starts blinking.
  5. Now, connect your device with your PC.
  6. Then, “Run” Flash Modem 2 file and wait for some time.
  7. It will flash your router and unlock your device.

Do all steps as written otherwise it will not be unlocked.


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